Condensed Matter Physics: Teaching

Lectures in the Summer Term 2024

Bachelor level:

  • Mathematical Foundations - Alexander Mook
  • Mathematical Calculation Methods for Bachelor of Education 1 - Friederike Schmid
  • Solid State Physics (Experimental Physics 5c) - Katrin Amann-Winkel, Jure Demsar
  • Quantum Mechanics (Theoretical Physics 3) - Peter van Dongen
  • Advanced Quantum Mechanics (Theoretical Physics 5) Jamir Marino

Master level:

  • Solid State Physics (Experimental Physics 5c) - Katrin Amann-Winkel, Jure Demsar
  • Advanced Quantum Mechanics (Theoretical Physics 5) Jamir Marino
  • Theoretical Solid State Physics (Theoretical Physics 6d) - Olena Gomonay, Jairo Sinova
  • Quantum Spintronics - Mathias Kläui, Timo Kruschel
  • Modern Methods in Condensed Matter Physics - Martin Jourdan
  • Introduction to Soft Matter - Pol Besenius, Peter Virnau, Michael Kappl, Kostas Daoulas
  • Computer Simulations in Statistical Physics - Nancy Forero, Lukas Stelzl, Martin Girard, Peter Virnau
  • Theoretical Polymer Physics - Burkhard Dünweg, Kurt Kremer
  • Seminar on Solid State Physics - Thomas Palberg
  • Seminar on Biophysics - Nancy Forero, Peter Virnau


  • Physics for Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists - Angela Wittmann
  • Physics Laboratory Course for Physicians and Dentists - Gerhard Jakob, Angela Wittmann
  • Accompanying Lecture for the  Laboratory Course for Physicians, Dentists, and Pharmacists   -  Gerhard Jakob, Angela Wittmann
  • Formal Languages and Computability - Friederike Schmid


Further Information and Links

Apart from the basic courses, we offer a number of advanced courses in the areas of condensed matter physics, materials science, soft matter science, magnetism and spin physics, advanced statistical physics, quantum many body theory and simulation methods. In addition, students at the MSc (master of science) level have the opportunity to carry out lab projects or  computer simulation projects in the groups as part of the Advanced lab course. All group leaders also offer projects for bachelor and master theses. Just contact us and ask for details.

For students at the master's level and beyond, the following lectures are offered on a regular basis:

  • Advanced statistical physics (Theory 6b, 9 CP or 6+5 CP, winter term)
    This class builds on the bachelor level class "Theorie 4" (statistical physics and thermodynamics) and provides basic knowledge on topics like phase transitions and nonequilibrium physics.
  • Theoretical quantum optics and many-body physics (Theory 6c, 9 CP, winter term)
    This class focusses on nonrelativistic quantum field theory and quantum optics.
  • Theoretical solid state physics (Theory 6d, 9 CP, summer term)
    This class provides basic knowledge on the theory of solid matter.
  • Computer simulations in statistical physics (6 CP, summer term)
    This class is also open for students from computer science (master level) and gives an introduction into the foundations of basic computer simulation techniques such as Monte Carlo simulation and Molecular Dynamics simulations.
  • Advanced solid state physics (6 CP, winter term)
    This class builds on Theory 6d and introduces into advanced topics of solid state theory.

Other regularly offered classes include

  • Modern simulation techniques in condensed matter physics (6 CP, summer term)
  • Theory of soft matter/ Theoretical polymer science (6 CP, summer term )
  • Introduction to Advanced Materials (6 CP, winter term)

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